Summer Institute 2013

Design Session: “Using Quality Rubrics to Evaluate Resources”

Session Purpose/Overview:
Home Base, the integrated student information system and instructional improvement system, will continue to be deployed this year. For the instructional side, resources that will facilitate teaching and learning for students have been identified and tagged based on quality and alignment to Common Core State Standards and NC Essential Standards. Since Home Base is a statewide system, resources developed by teachers and districts can be shared across the state. Using quality rubrics will ensure that instructional resources adhere to common criteria for quality and alignment.

Session Description:
This design session will provide an opportunity for teachers to engage in the process used to select instructional resources for Home Base, review some of these resources and learn to apply rubrics used for Home Base resources in their classrooms.

Session Objectives:
  • To understand the importance of using rubrics to identify quality instructional resources
  • To gain a deep understanding of the OER Rubrics and the NC Summary rubrics

Learner Outcomes:
By the end of the 3-hour “Using Quality Rubrics to Evaluate Resources” design session, participants will be able:
  • To use the OER Rubrics and the NC Summary Rubrics to identify quality instructional resources to be shared in Home Base
  • To use the rubrics to design and improve instructional resources, lessons, and/or units

  • Create an account on NC Education Account:
  • Bring 2-3 instructional resources from your district so that these can be reviewed and rubric can be applied

Team Members:
  • LaVerne Weldon
  • Carmella Fair

Meeting Dates:
  • April 22, 2013

Vetting Session: April 19, 2013

East/West Assignments:
(TBD: Based on availability of Kenan Fellows and LEA participation.)