Synthesizing the Concepts

Activity: Select one or more of the interdisciplinary themes/concepts we have discussed during the session and complete the choice board activities related to the theme. You will generate reflective questions, create SMART goals to address the theme, and/or synthesize the learning to formulate a scenario of a classroom situation to address the theme selected. Record your reflective questions, SMART goals, and scenarios in the Google document provided on the page. You may choose to work with a team, partner, or work independently to complete these tasks.

Choice Board: During this activity, groups/pairs/individuals will choose one or more of the tasks below to complete during the work time provided.

Choice 1

reflective questions.jpg
Global Awareness Reflective Questions.

Choice 2

reflective questions.jpg
Diversity Reflective Questions

Choice 3........................

reflective questions.jpg
Technology Enabled Learning Reflective Questions

Choice 4

SMART goals.jpg
Global Awareness SMART Goals

Choice 5

SMART goals.jpg
Diversity SMART Goals

Choice 6

SMART goals.jpg
Technology Enabled Learning SMART Goals

Choice 7


Global Awareness Scenarios

Choice 8

diverse people.jpg

Diversity Scenarios

Choice 9


Technology Enabled Learning Scenarios

stack of books.jpg
Global Awareness Resources

stack of books.jpg
Diversity Resources

stack of books.jpg
Technology Enabled Learning Resources
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