Session Purpose/Overview
Beginning with the 2011 Summer Institute, the primary scope of work in the area of K-12 Social Studies has been understanding the Essential Standards, creating conceptual units, and aligning classroom instruction and assessments. As we embark upon Phase III, participants will expand their understanding of the paradigm shift in the Social Studies Essential Standards through the incorporation of daily conceptual instruction and the effective incorporation of resources.

Session Description (Content Design)
This session will focus on how individual instruction has shifted in the Social Studies classroom to ensure mastery of the conceptual standards. Additionally, this session will provide access to quality resources in order to build capacity for social studies instructional programs.

Session Objectives
  • Understand how to ensure alignment of the standards, generalizations, and instruction to classroom performance tasks.
  • Exemplify learning experiences that will lead to the mastery of targeted understandings.

Learning Outcomes
After this session, participants will be able to:
  • share all information and resources from this session with the leaders and teachers within their LEAs and schools.
  • articulate the characteristics of quality alignment for effective Social Studies instruction in North Carolina.
  • better evaluate progress toward effective implementation and instruction of Social Studies Essential Standards.

Aligned North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards
Standard I - Teachers demonstrate leadership.
Standard II - Teachers establish a respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.
Standard III - Teachers know the content that they teach.
Standard IV - Teachers facilitate learning for their students.
Standard V - Teachers reflect on their practice.

Team Members
my pic.JPG
Fay Gore
NCDPI, Curriculum and Instruction
K-12 Social Studies - Section Chief
1 Picture1.jpg
Michelle McLaughlin
NCDPI, Curriculum and Instruction
K-12 Social Studies Consultant
Ann Carlock
NCDPI, Curriculum and Instruction
K-12 Social Studies Consultant
Steve Masyada
NCDPI, Curriculum and Instruction
K-12 Social Studies Consultant

Team Norms
1. Share thoughts honestly and openly.
2. Agree to disagree.
3. Be time conscious to respect each member's schedule.
4. Speak with one voice. United front.
5. Be prepared with agreed upon work and assignments.
6. Be flexible and know that changes and edits may occur. The "Presentation" and "wiki" is a living work.

Meeting Dates
The following dates are flexible and subject to change, based on need and prior obligations.
1. March 6, 2013
2. March 20, 2013
3. March 22, 2013
4. March 28, 2013
5. April 4, 2013
6. April 8, 2013
7. April 10, 2013
8. April 11, 2013
9. April 17, 2013
9. April 22, 2013
10. April ??, 2013 - Vetting Session

Meeting Notes (Plan for accomplishing the work. This is presently a work in progress.)
Please click here for meeting notes.

Participant Page
For the main participant page, please click here.

Questions and Answers
In order to accommodate questions that may not be answered in the limited time of our remodeling session, participants are encouraged to take part in a 'twitter chat' that will occur in the evening after each remodeling session. This is a purely voluntary opportunity, and we will happily address any questions in person when we can and through asymmetrical tools if necessary.The time will be announced at the start of the remodeling session and use the hashtag '#socialstudiesSI2013', and will be the same for both East and West regions.
For information on 'twitter chats' and establishing a free twitter account, please click each of the links below.
What is Twitter?
What is a 'twitter chat'?
What are hashtags (#)?
Establishing a twitter account

Presentation Information For The Social Studies Team
East Location/Region
West Location/Region
July 10-11
Greenville Convention Center
303 SW Greenville Blvd., Greenville
Region 2, July 8-9
Region 1, July 10-11
  • Ann Carlock
  • Michelle McLaughlin
Hilton Charlotte University Hotel
8629 JM Keynes Drive, Charlotte
Region 6, July 8-9
Region 8, July 10-11
  • Steve Masyada
  • New Consultant
  • Fay Gore
July 15-16
July 17-18
Sheraton Imperial Convention Center
4700 Emperor Blvd., Durham
Region 4, July 15-16
Region 3, July 17-18
  • Ann Carlock
  • Michelle McLaughlin
Sheraton Koury Convention Center
3121 High Point Road at I-40, Greensboro

Region 5, July 15-16
Region 7, July 17-18
  • New Consultant
  • Steve Masyada
  • Fay Gore
July 23-24
Gray's Creek HS (Cumberland County)
Region 4
  • Ann Carlock
  • Michelle McLaughlin
  • Fay Gore
Apple Valley MS/N Henderson High School
(Henderson County)
Region 8
  • New Consultant
  • Steve Masyada

General Information For Planning All Summer Institute Design Studios and Curriculum Remodeling Sessions
For general information and resources relating to Summer Institute 2013, please click here.

Agency PowerPoint Presentation Template
For the appropriate presentation template, please click here.

Daily Schedule For The Summer Institutes

Social Studies Wiki
The Educator Effectiveness Model
Concept Based Unit Planning
Meeting Notes and Resources


1. Please review the screen-cast-o-matic on generalizations if you are not familiar with them already. It is available here.
2. Sign up for a twitter account.
3. Complete the Conceptual Unit Planning/Lesson Planning self-assessment (to be provided by end of May)