SI Content for the Guidance Essential Standards and the NC Professional School Counselor Evaluation Rubric

NC School Counseling & Guidance Essential Standards

The purpose of this session is to provide professional development to LEAs with the implementation of the new School Counselor Evaluation Rubric. The American School Counselor Association and Achieve have developed resources that may be used to plan and execute a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program which supports Common Core State Standards and the NC Essential Standards.
Information will be shared to include the following:
  • NC Professional School Counseling Standards which are directly aligned to the new School Counselor Evaluation Rubric.
  • Use of resources found in EVAAS, Home Base, the School Counseling Wikispace ( and NCDPI Live Binder showing where professional development resources and materials are located
  • Regional Professional Learning Networks to build local capacity of support
  • Information will be shared about state policies, national initiatives and various projects that support school counseling practices and the North Carolina Guidance Essential Standards.
To continue to provide opportunities for the LEAs to network with each other to build regional capacity of support.
To provide continuous support for instructional improvement in implementing the NC Guidance Essential Standards.
To provide continuous support to implement the 2008 NC Professional School Counseling Standards as reflected in the new School Counselor Evaluation Rubric.

Pre-Work for LEAs to Review Prior to the Summer Institute Session

Please click the link above and review prior to attending the 2013-14 Summer Institute Session. Also, all training materials will be on a wikispace.
Paper handouts not be available only electronic copies. Also, be mindful that laptops are the preferred device to bring to training. Often there are issues with IPads. Technical support is not available for devices during this session.

2013-14 Summer Institute School Counseling and Guidance Remodeling Content Presentation

(click the link above for the interactive agenda for this 90 minute Remodeling Summer Institute Session)

Resources for School District Facilitative Team Time:

NCDPI Resources

National Resources

Other Resources