Title: How to Use Professional Development to Improve Student Outcomes

The purpose of this session is to provide resources and strategies to evaluate and improve effectiveness of professional development that will increase student achievement.

Session Description:
This session focuses on analyzing professional development to ensure student outcomes. Participants will learn about evaluation practices, change theories, and tools to use to increase student achievement based on what is learned through ongoing and embedded professional development.

Session Objectives:

  • Define evaluation in relationship to professional learning.
  • Examine the process of teacher change and its impact on student learning.
  • Acquire strategies, tools, and resources to assist in evaluating professional learning.

Learner Outcomes:
After this session, participants will be able to use multiple resources to evaluate professional learning to ensure improved student outcomes.


Read about the Standards for Professional Learning adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education.


Read Assessing Impact: Evaluating Staff Development, by Joellen Killion (Oxford, OH: National Staff Development Council, 2002).


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Welcome and Introductions

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Parking Lot

Parking Lot


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Sharing Spot

Group Activity


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Power Point

Power Point
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Standards and Articles

Standards for Professional Learning

PDF of Standards

Extreme makeover - Needs assessment edition
Navigating the fluctuating undercurrents
Research-based tool gauges actual use of a new approach...
What concerns do you have?
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Tool Kit


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Questions, Exit Tickets, Adjourn...

Friday Institute

Exit Slip

Meet the Presenters:
Remodeling Session Design Team

  • Introductions at table
  • One members shares out for group - use sticky notes
    • Names
    • Which districts are represented
    • Roles

Get a Stopwatch like this or make your own! At: Online Stopwatch

Follow this link to post questions

Write 4-5 sentences that describe the evaluation process/steps you currently use as a leader responsible for assisting others with evaluating professional learning.

Tech Tool Idea:
Penzu – online writing journal

Group Think – Table talk and Padlet

1.What aspect of evaluating professional learning do you find essential?

2.How do we know that the professional learning is making its way to the classroom?


  • Review your 4-5 sentences about evaluation
  • Look at the Padlet responses
  • ‘Steal’ ideas to take back to your district
  • Reflect on what you can do differently as result of your new knowledge



1. Extreme makeover - Needs assessment edition
2. Navigating the fluctuating undercurrents
3. Research-based tool gauges actual use of a new approach...
4. What concerns do you have?

  • Access the Toolkit
  • Find the ‘Evaluation’ Tab
  • Read and Complete the activities

Share big ideas as a group