Leaders with Leaders
Network with other district level and NCDPI leaders to explore strategies for leading and sustaining district level professional development initiatives.


Participants will engage in collaborative discussion of district challenges and successes regarding local professional development initiatives, and explore the role of Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) in building and sustaining capacity within and across districts .


  • Discuss district successes and priorities with regard to professional development
  • Network with other district leaders
  • Build a deeper understanding of PLNs

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify local priorities for Professional Development
  • Establish connections with leaders encountering similar needs
  • Build or extend professional learning networks

No Pre-work assigned

  • It is helpful for participants to come with an established Twitter account. Assistance with setting up an account may be accessed through the Twitter Chats 101 course.


  • Introduction: Welcome / Introductions / Purpose

  • Connection to Home Base

  • Making the Most of your PLN

  • Team Work Time

  • Review of Resources

  • Guiding Questions:

    • 1. What are your (current) PLNs?
    • 2. How are you going to expand your PLN? (type of PLN and or the number of PLNs) What’s your “first next step”?
    • 3. Who do you need in your PLN? How are you going to find and connect with them?
    • 4. How can growing your PLNs contribute to the success of your work next year?
    • 5. How will this learning influence your local professional development plans?