Healthful Living Remodeling Session Page

Purpose & Overview

The purpose of the Healthful Living Remodeling Session is to provide continued professional development for the full implementation of the North Carolina Healthful Living Essential Standards.

Description (90-minute session):

The Healthful Living Remodeling Session will feature a tour of the Healthful Living wiki ( showing where professional development resources and materials are located, with an emphasis on continuing to build local capacity. Information will be shared about state policies, national and international initiatives, and various projects that support the North Carolina Healthful Living Essential Standards.


  • Understand how to access and use the Healthful Living Wiki space to continue to build resources and develop local capacity.
  • Understand Professional Teaching Standard Six
  • Understand shared responsibilities and support for the CCSS in ELA/Literacy and Mathematics in relationship to Health & Physical Education (Health Literacy & Physical Literacy)
  • Introduce and continue development of professional network for standards implementation and support

Learner Outcomes

  • I can access the Healthful Living Wiki to access and share resources.
  • I can understand the Professional teaching Standards and how they relate to my work in healthful Living.
  • I can explain shared responsibilities for the Common Core State Standards in relationship to Healthful Living.
  • I can identify personal and professional resources as part of a state-wide network for standards implementation and support.

Pre-Work Assignment for Healthful Living

  1. Visit the NCDPI Healthful Living Wiki:
  2. Explore the wiki.
  3. Select at least one resource that you have used or developed at the local level to share at Summer Institute.

Session Content

  • Understand the impact of Home Base (to consider: Teacher Evaluation, tagged resources, access to student data) on the implementation of the Healthful Living Essential Standards
  • Understand how to access and continue to build resources and instructional tools to support local implementation and support for the Healthful Living Essential Standards
  • Dufour (PLCs) - need to determine how to weave into session - introductory materials/framing
  • Guskey (PD) - same as above - Click here for more information on this topic.
  • UDL - can model through presentation design (?)
  • Reflection (provided by Facilitated Team Time group)

PPT for Summer Institute 2013

Team Members

Ellen Essick, C & I NC Healthy Schools, HIV Policy and Programs Consultant - Lead
Burt Jenkins, Pitt County Schools, Lead Healthful Living Teacher

Presentation Team Assignments

East Team
West Team
Burt Jenkins
Ellen Essick

Debbie Bryant

Team Norms:

  • Participate in meetings prepared and hold each team member accountable
  • Respect teammates and recognize that we have different perspectives and expertise
  • Honor time



(Burt Jenkins)


(Les Spell/Ellen Essick)
July 8-9

Greenville Convention Center
July 8-9
Hilton Charlotte University Hotel
July 10-11xxxxxx
July 10-11

July 15-16

Sheraton Imperial Convention Center
July 15-16
Koury Convention Center
July 17-18

July 17-18

July 23-24
Region 4
Gray's Creek High School
Cumberland County
July 23-24
Region 8
Apple Valley MS/N Henderson High School
Henderson County





Introductory PowerPoint for Team Leads from February 6 and 13, 2013

Design Teams

Excel file of Design Team Members for SI 2013

Recommended Resources for Facilitated Team Time

NCDPI Healthful Living Wiki - This wiki is intended to be a resource for Healthful Living educators, administrators, institutions of higher education, and other interested parties. It contains links to standards, instructional tools, professional development, and other resources related to implementing the NC Healthful Living Essential Standards. Healthful Living leaders are encouraged to browse, reference, download, share, discuss, and adapt resources.

Building Local Capacity - This page is designed to assist individual schools and school systems with building local capacity for implementation of the NC Healthful Living Essential Standards.It includes links to both regional and general sample resources (such as CPR lessons, Common Core connections, fitness testing resources, etc.) that can be accessed by local school systems. Stakeholders are encouraged to join the NCDPI Healthful Living wiki to share and continue adding to these local resources.

Professional Development - This page provides information related to NCDPI professional development for the North Carolina Healthful Living Essential Standards (Summer Institutes, RESA trainings, Webinars, IHE training, etc.). Please click on the appropriate links to access presentation materials, templates, and other resources that may be used or adapted for assistance with implementation of the standards. Stakeholders are encouraged to access and adapt these materials for local standards implementation.


Summer Institute Team Planning wiki:
Healthful Living Essential Standards(HLES) wiki: