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Training Support for FTT Facilitators

Facilitated Team Time Training Webinar

To play the video in fullscreen, right click on the video,
select Zoom and select Fullscreen. Please allow a few
minutes for the video to buffer before selecting the
Fullscreen option.

The video may also be downloaded here: FTT video download

Twitter Training Webinar

Click here to download the video.

For additional support with Twitter, visit http://bit.ly/ncsi13.

Instructions for Facilitators - Before, During, and After FTT:

If you would like to print the Before, During, and After activities, click on the Facilitator Checklist.

Before the Institute:

Facilitated Team Time Session Materials and Overview

FTT Participant Letter Pre-work

Facilitated Team Time Presentation

During the Institute:

  • Follow the agenda on the Participant Wiki. The slideshow can be made “full screen” by clicking on the 4-point arrows icon located at the bottom of the slides. **The “full screen” option is only available when using Google Chrome. Facilitate the beginning of the meeting, eventually turning the meeting over to the team leader.
  • Remain in room to support the team leaders. Take your cue from team leaders as to your role in supporting their needs. They may want you to take notes, etc.
  • Be mindful of the agenda from the Participant Wiki. If there is no district/charter leader, you may want to use these Reflective Questions to guide the discussion.
  • Instead of a poster to share their work, each team will participate in a Tweetup! The Tweetup section of the agenda must begin at 3:20 pm so that the Tweetup begins at exactly 3:35 pm. During the Tweetup, make sure you are logged in to TweetDeck and that you are showing the [[#|#ncsi13]] column to participants. You may be asked to Tweet for the LEA/Charter that you are facilitating.
  • Tweet-up Form (If you experience connectivity difficulties during the Tweet-up, please record all LEA and Charter responses on the form provided.)

The Twitter webinar is linked in the box at the top of this page.
Visit http://bit.ly/ncsi13 for additional assistance with Twitter.

  • Link to Session Reflection (This is the reflection which participants will complete at the conclusion of each session attended.)
  • Link to Session Reflection Results (During team planing, team members can access the session reflections completed across the State.)

After the Institute:

  • Complete the Facilitator Reflection embedded below.
  • Return any materials you borrowed. If in a school space, return room to original configuration.

Facilitator Reflection to Complete after each Facilitated Team Time Session

The materials on this page can support you in your role as a facilitator during our 2013 Summer Institute Facilitated Team Time sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the following members of the FTT Team:

Beth Edwards: elizabeth.edwards@dpi.nc.gov
Jessica Garner: jessica.garner@dpi.nc.gov
Heather Mullins: heather.mullins@dpi.nc.gov
Jan King: jan.king@dpi.nc.gov
Joyce Gardner: joyce.gardner@dpi.nc.gov
Dan Sparlin: dan.sparlin@dpi.nc.gov
Jason Rhodes: jason.rhodes@dpi.nc.gov
Dianne Mieggs:dianne.mieggs@dpi.nc.gov
Heather Stewart: heather.stewart@dpi.nc.gov
Adriane Mingo: adriane.mingo@dpi.nc.gov