Team Members:
Julie Joslin, Ed.D.
Section Chief
English Language Arts
Anna Lea Frost, M.Ed.
6-8 English Language Arts
Lisa McIntosh, MSA
K-5 English Language Arts
Alex Kaulfuss, Ph.D.
Grades 9-12 English
Language Arts Consultant

Description (Purpose) of 90-Minute Session:

40 Ways to Read Like a Detective: Supporting Text-Centered Instruction

Join the ELA section of NCDPI for an interactive presentation exploring instruction grounded in text, utilizing the book Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives (Fisher, D., Frey, N., and Lapp, D., 2011). During 40 ways to read like a detective, participants will explore myriad approaches to a text, approaches which are applicable to or adaptable for learners in all grade levels. This fast-paced, engaging session will offer a wide variety of Common-Core aligned lesson ideas, which address key instructional shifts for ELA. Participants will practice briefly with a few of the lesson ideas, and discuss ways to adapt ideas for varying grade levels. We will be providing a text for participants to use. Participants are asked to bring a copy of the ELA Common Core State Standards.

Presentation Goals / Objectives:
  • We will share 40 different ways to bring students back into the text to write, find evidence, reflect, read deeply, and become stronger, independent readers.
  • We will practice with a few of these strategies; many we will just discuss.
  • We will maintain a quick and lively pace.
  • We will provide strategies that teachers can use to increase connections to the Common Core and students' complex-level thinking.


This is not required, but participants may feel free to purchase their own copies of our center text, Teaching Students to Read Like Detectives (Fisher, Frey, & Lapp), and begin perusing the text.

Team Norms:
Ask questions.
Engage fully.
Integrate new information.
Open your mind to diverse views.
Utilize what you learn.
Meeting Times:
Wednesday March 20 9-12
Thursday March 21 8-5
Friday March 22 8-5

English Language Arts

Supplies for Summer Institute 2013

Item Number: BSN65775
Description File folders, manilla, letter size, 1/3 cut, 100 per box
Price: $7.39 each box
Qty. Needed 15 boxes
Item Number: SPR82122
Description: Filler Paper (notebook), Wide Rule, 16 lb., 10 ½ x 8, 200 sheets per pack, White
Price: $1.00
Qty. Needed: 15 packs
Item Number: SPR71439
Description: Double Pocket Portfolio, Red, 25 per box
Price: $5.16
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Item Number: UNV47216
Description: Index Cards, 3x5, color, ruled, assorted, 250/pack
Price: $1.49
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Item Number: BSN15786
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Price: .23
Qty. Needed 40
Item Number: SAN27026
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Item Number: HEWCE400A
Description: HP LaserJet Black toner, CE400A
Price: $139.42
Qty. Needed 1
Description: 10 reams white 20 lb. copier paper
Books for participants, ELA staff is checking on the titles.