Diversity Reflective Questions
In this activity, participants will work independently or with a partner to generate reflective questions related to diversity.

Framework for Reflective Questions:

It's always good to reflect on what you've done if you want to improve. In your role within your school/district/charter consider ways you may frame your thinking to focus on the integration of this theme. Here are some questions that you may consider to help you frame reflective questions.

1. Was the instructional objective met? How do I know students learned what was intended?

2. Were the students productively engaged? How do I know?

3. Did I alter my instructional plan as I taught the lesson? Why?

4. What additional assistance, support, and/or resources would have further enhanced this lesson?

5. If I had the opportunity to teach the lesson again to the same group of students, would I do anything differently? What? Why?

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Synthesizing the Themes/Concepts