Session Purpose:

The purpose of this session is to provide professional development resources to districts as they align Career and Technical Education (CTE) standards to the Common Core. Achieve has developed a set of resources leaders can use to plan and execute their own alignment activity. The materials focus mainly on hosting a workshop with mathematics and CTE teachers. However, the process employed can be applied to other professional learning opportunities and could be further developed into integrated activities within Home Base.

Session Objectives:

  • Participants will identify current status with regard to alignment of CTE standards to Common Core.
  • Participants will understand how to implement Professional Development to engage teachers in task alignment.
  • Participants will receive strategies for evaluating success of implementation.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Summer Institute participants will recognize the components of the two-day workshop model provided by
2. Summer Institute participants will be able to implement this professional development by engaging CTE and math (or other program area) teachers.
3. Participants in the LEA workshop will be able to evaluate tasks with regard to their alignment to CTE and Common Core.
4. Participants in the LEA workshop will be able to create tasks that align to CTE and Common Core.

Presenters/Team Members:

Region One: Christy Harris
Region Two: John Kirkman
Region Three: Carol Short
Region Four:
Region Five: Ted Summey
Region Six: Ann Callicutt
Region Seven: Marty Tobey
Region Eight: Wendy Edney

Resources Used:

Note: Bring hard copies of Event Planning Worksheet for participants

Supplies/Materials Needed:

Wireless internet access for participants
Digital projector for presenter
Post-it Posters w/ Markers
Speakers for Video sound