21st Century Learning Reflective Questions

21st Century Skills and Content

All across the state, teachers and administrators are having in-depth discussions about each standard and what it looks like in the classroom. This topic, 21st Century Skills and Content, fits advice provided by a statewide leader: If you were to shoot an arrow at the standards, you would hit several targets. Consider these examples:
· When you organize student learning teams in order to help students define roles, strengthen social ties, improve communication and collaborative skills, interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and develop leadership qualities (see Standard Four), you are incorporating 21st Century skills into your teaching.
· When you actively select materials and develop lessons that counteract stereotypes and incorporate histories and contributions of all cultures (see Standard Two) across the globe, you are incorporating 21st Century content into your teaching.
You must be deliberate, able to explain hitting this target. You must think globally and model your thinking for students. You must keep abreast of current affairs and incorporate global news in your lessons. See Framework for 21st Century Learning and Milestones for Improving Learning and Education in the Teacher Evaluation Process Manual at http://ncees.ncdpi.wikispaces.net.

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