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An Investigation into the Relationship Between Effective Administrative Leadership Styles and the Use of Technology

21st Century Classroom Part I: This DPI presentation developed and delivered in the Fall of 2012 provides a framework for 21st century learning with an emphasis of the 21st century skills of critical thinking and creativity. Participants engage in collaborative experiences to learn more about these two Cs. Participants also explore web 2.0 tools to support critical thinking and creativity in the classroom.

21st Century Classroom Part II: This DPI presentation also developed and delivered in the Fall of 2012 builds on the Part I training by exploring the 21st century skills of collaboration and communication. Participants engage in collaborative experiences to learn more about these two Cs and explore web 2.0 tools to support collaboration and communication in the classroom.

Just a Click Away - Free Online Tools to Enhance Instruction: This do-it-yourself training is designed to provide educators, both teachers and administrators alike, the opportunity to explore free online tools that can support the 4 Cs in the classroom. This interactive session allows participants to explore tools directly aligned to the 4 Cs for the novice, intermediate, and advanced online tool user.

Preparing 21st Century Students for a Global Society: An Educator's Guide to the 4 Cs: This NEA publication addresses the challenge of building the 4 Cs into our K-12 classrooms through this comprehensive educator's guide.

P21 Skills Maps: The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed these skills maps in all content areas to provide specific examples of how to incorporate 21st century skills into the classroom. Just scroll down to the 21st Century Skills maps section of this page.

Connecting with our 21st Century Learners: This NC Education Online Module provides in-depth information about connecting with students through an exploration of the P21 framework and the 4 Cs.

Teaching Channel Videos: Many of the Teaching Channel videos provide examples of the 4 Cs in action. Search for videos by grade level, content area, and topic. Use multiple filters to obtain the best search results.

Commonly Asked Questions about Teaching Collaborative Activities - Penn State University
Chalk Talk Protocol
Web Index of Communication Resources
Best Instructional Strategies


Evaluating Teaching with Technology: Includes videos and an observation activity
More than a Graphic :Includes instructions for participant creation links to a Google doc with links to the works created.
Observation Tools and Techniques : Alignment Activity
Rubrics, Descriptors, and Artifacts : Deep Dive into the ITF Professional Standards Activities